About Rodney Hampton and Hamp’s Camp, Inc.

Rodney Hampton - NYG Running BackRodney Hampton (University of Georgia 1987-1989, former New York Giants running back 1990-1997, Superbowl XXV Champion, two time Pro-Bowler) founded Hamp’s Camp in 2000, so that he could work with kids from his original neighborhood (Houston Gardens Subdivision in Houston, Texas) and high school (Kashmere High School). 

Prior to starting his first after school camp, Rodney felt compelled to help kids from these lower socioeconomic groups by showing them how to improve their football skills and giving them a positive place to focus their energy.  Not long after starting the first camp, he realized that it was equally important to help kids obtain college admissions and scholarships to further their education whether or not they chose to play football. 

After only a few short years of sponsoring Hamp’s Camp in Houston, the initiative has now grown to sponsor summer camps in Atlanta and in areas of New York and New Jersey.  Additionally, Hamp's Camp, Inc. provides programming for elementary school children after school in select areas.  Administrators can choose to provide the fundamentals of football or all sports program for their students. (Learn more about our programs.)

The Hamp’s Camp mission: To help kids from 3rd – 12th grades realize their athletic potential through performance training.  Hamp’s Camp aims to foster skills that help build character and develop life skills such as discipline and self esteem.

Ultimately, we want all of Hamp’s Camp kids to become life-long learners and commit to setting and achieving goals.  Our organization is steadily growing and we look forward to helping thousands of additional camp attendees and their communities.  


CLICK HERE to see a list of current NFL and College players that have attended Hamp's Camp and NFL Players and Coaches that have served as instructors.

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