Hamp’s Camp Programming

Kids can take advantage of the programs offered through Hamp’s Camp in the summer or during after school hours in select areas. Regardless of the camp, students benefit in physical, social, and psychological ways.




Physical Kids exercise for at least 60 minutes every day of camp and learn the fundamentals of the game. Learning to love to exercise and sport(s) will prove beneficial throughout life.

Social: Students learn what team work is all about. Research shows a strong correlation between team sports and social development and academic achievement.

Psychological: Hamp’s Camp instills a sense of belonging and an opportunity for kids to have positive relationships with adults outside of the normal school setting.




Hamp’s Summer Camps

Two to three day football camps held throughout the summer for 3rd-12th grade students.  Kids are broken into age groups and are taught the game of football by highly-trained coaches and former college and/or former NFL players. TheReceiving Practice summer camps are geared toward learning fundamentals, plays, and competing for metals in activities that require speed and agility. Many kids who choose to attend summer camp usually have experience or knowledge of football.

Hamp’s After-School Camps

Choose between one of two after-school programs, both designed to teach skills useful in any sport.

Fundamentals of Football 

Students learn every position of the game, practice football plays, and build muscle and strength through conditioning.  In addition, participants learn the importance of teamwork and discipline.

All Sports and Fitness Program 

Students get experience playing a variety of sports and learn about fitness, nutrition, and the fundamentals necessary to be successful in any sport, including basketball, volleyball, softball, football, and track.

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